Not sure what kind of device you have? See the photos below to find out.

But first… if you have an external hard drive (pictured below) you need to remove the enclosure (the metal or plastic “shell”) to access the bare/internal hard drive inside.

portable external drive

desktop external

  western digital my passport lacie external hard drive g drive external


While “Hard Drives” look similar to “Solid-State Drives/SSDs,” these are drives with platters and heads inside. They are heavier than an SSD.

SATA 3.5" internal   sata internal drive ATA 2.5" hard drive


samsung ssd     western digital ssd ssd crucial sandisk ssd msata ssd


  sandisk flash drive sandisk flash drive 2 lexar flash drive generic flash drive lexar thumb drive


  generic microsd sandisk sd sandisk micro sd generic sd


  sandisk cf 2 sandisk cf cfast sony xqd sony xqd lexar

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