*If you have a spare PC/Windows computer, it’s MUCH easier to just download the file listing there and follow the PC instructions.

How to open the “DEViewer” file listing on a Mac

  1. Download and extract (double-click) the .zip file from the link we sent you.
  2. After extracting, you’ll see three files: “DEViewer” (a Windows Application .exe file) and two .acelab files (“Good” and “Bad”).
  3. If you already know how to open an .exe file on a Mac, just open DEViewer using the program of your choice and open the “Good” and “Bad” .acelab files. 

If you don’t know how to open an .exe file on a Mac…

There are two main options: Crossover and Wine. Both options will probably take about 5-10 minutes to get working. If you get stuck on any steps, you can always call (323-230-0622), write back to our last e-mail message, or chat with us M-F 10AM-6PM. 

CROSSOVER: watch this video or follow the steps below

1) [0:00-0:15] Download Crossover (click “Try Free”).

2) [0:15-0:22] Extract the downloaded file, move “Crossover” to the Applications folder, double-click to open (click “Try Now”).

3) [0:28-0:36] Once opened, click “Bottle” at the top, click “New Bottle,” name it anything (e.g., “300DDR”), set “Bottle Type” to “Windows 98,” click “Create.”

4) [0:37- 1:01] Select the bottle you just created in the left column, double-click “Run Command,” browse to find the “DEViewer.exe” file. Click “Run.”

5) [1:02-1:20] If prompted about a “security warning,” click “Cancel.” Open “System Preferences, go to “Security & Privacy,” click the lock icon and enter your password. Click “Allow Anyway” so Deviewer.exe can open.

  • Note: this happens because of Mac OS’s new “Gatekeeper.” You can learn more about “Gatekeeper” on Apple’s support site.

6) [1:21- 1:34] Once opened, click the “Folder” icon in DEViewer, browse to the “Good” or “Bad” file listings, and double-click to open. You may have to click “Allow Anyway” in “Security & Privacy,” and “Open” in Apple’s pop-up warning, several times.

7) [1:35-2:11] Browse both file listings thoroughly. You can use the search box to find specific files. To find “all” recovered files of a specific filetype, for example, JPEG images, search this: “*.jpg” (or whatever extension you want to find). Quit Crossover when finished.

WINE: this only works on Mac OS 10.14 and below

1) Download Wine — choose the one on top called “Installer for ‘Wine Stable’.”

2) Double click and install Wine.

  • If prompted, you may need to install Quartz11 first.
  • If you get a message stating Wine “can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software,” go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> click “Open Anyway” (at the bottom-right of the “General” tab). Note: this happens because of Mac OS’s new “Gatekeeper.” You can learn more about “Gatekeeper” on Apple’s support site.

3) Find the “DEViewer.exe” file you already extracted from the link we sent. Right-click it, hover over “Open With” and select “Wine Stable.”


5) Click the top-left “folder” icon and open your file listings (only one-at-a-time).

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