How to open the DEViewer file listing from $300 Data Recovery in Windows

1) Download the .zip file from the link we sent you. 

2) Double-click to unzip (and extract the files to a new folder). If the .exe file doesn’t extract, you need to disable any anti-virus software and unzip again.

3) Open the “DEViewer.exe” application (if you get a message asking to “extract all” or “run” — click “run”).

4) You’ll see two files with “.acerep” extensions. One begins with “Good” and the other “Bad.” The “Good” file listing shows all the fully recovered files, while “Bad” shows files that weren’t 100% recovered (they may still work, but chances are they will not or will show some signs of corruption).

5) Double click each of the .acerep files to open in DEViewer (they may take a few minutes to load).

6) If they don’t open, then from within the DE Viewer application, click the “Open File Report” icon (top left), and choose the “Good” or “Bad” .acerep file.

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