How to disassemble your external enclosure and find your drive’s model number.

Below, you’ll find YouTube videos showing how to remove your external enclosure so you can see the hard drive within. We need the model number from the hard drive’s label (inside the enclosure) to provide a “Chances” estimate.

If you can’t find your exact model below, look for a similar model with the same manufacturer and size (portable or desktop). Or, try searching YouTube (using terms like “disassembly” + the type of external drive you have). You can also send us photos of your enclosure, and we’ll try to locate (or create) a disassembly video for you. 

Seagate | Western Digital | Lacie | Toshiba | Samsung | Verbatim


Seagate 2TB desktop “Expansion” drive

Seagate 1TB desktop “Free Agent” drive

Seagate 3TB desktop “GoFlex” drive

Seagate 4TB desktop “Backup Plus” drive

Seagate 1TB portable “Expansion” drive

Seagate One Touch Hub drive (this video is not in English, but you’ll only need to “see” the video to understand how to disassemble the enclosure)






Western Digital 1TB desktop “Elements” drive

Western Digital 1TB desktop “MyBook” drive

Western Digital 1TB desktop “MyBook” drive

Western Digital 1TB desktop “MyCloud” drive

Western Digital 3TB desktop “MyBook Essential” drive

Western Digital 4TB desktop RAID “MyBook Studio Edition II”

Western Digital 2TB portable “MyPassport” drive

Western Digital 2TB portable “MyPassport Ultra” USB 3 (thick)

Western Digital 2TB portable “My Passport” drive (thin)







Lacie 1TB desktop “Porsche” drive

Lacie 1TB desktop drive











Toshiba portable “Canvio” drive










Samsung 500GB portable drive











Verbatim portable “Store ‘n’ Go” drive


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