The REAL True Price of $300 Data Recovery: Debunking False Claims by Competitors

Are you looking for reliable data recovery services without breaking the bank? Don’t be fooled by false claims from our competitors about the “true price of $300 Data Recovery.” In this article, we’ll debunk some common myths about our rates and abilities and show you why we’re the best choice for affordable and high-quality data recovery.

$300 Data Recovery Can Handle Any Type of Data Loss

One of the false claims made by our competitors is that we can only recover from simple problems, like partition corruption, that can be solved using customer-level software. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At $300 Data Recovery, we have a team of experienced technicians who are trained to handle all types of data recovery cases, including mechanical, electrical, logical, and firmware issues. We have a proven track record of recovering data from hard drives and SSDs that other companies have deemed “unrecoverable.”

Fire damaged hard drive recovery

Fire damaged hard drive recovery; 100% recovered

"Unrecoverable" SSD recovered

A huge data recovery company said this SSD was “unrecoverable” SSD; we recovered 99%+.

We Never Outsource Data Recovery

Another common claim our competitors make is that we outsource our data recovery to other companies. This is simply not true. All of our hard drive data recoveries are performed in-house using the best data recovery tools on the market.

In rare cases where we cannot recover data from an SSD/flash drive, we may offer the option of sending the device to one of the best flash technicians in the world (a fellow member of the Data Recovery Professionals group). The catch is we have a deal with him in which he’ll charge our same $300 fee if he can recover the data. So our customers are still paying our low $300 rate even in cases when we can’t recover their data in-house.

PC-3000 data recovery tool

We have several PC-3000s (the most sophisticated data recovery tool on available).

Apple Data Recovery tool

Apple Data Recovery tool

This is the bottom of the EMMC chip.

Microsoft Surface eMMC chip-off recovery

RAID data recovery

We can recover any size RAID

PC3000-Flash adapters

PC3000-Flash data recovery tools

Mac SSD PCIe Data Recovery

Mac SSD PCIe Data Recovery


We’re Transparent About Our Workspace and Pricing

Our competitors may try to cast doubt on the location and quality of our data recovery facilities. Our YouTube page has many videos showcasing our workspace, including our two portable clean rooms. Veteran PC technician Carey Holtzman has also interviewed our owner/lead technician, Brian Cometa, and featured those interviews on his page.

As for our pricing, we’re transparent and upfront about our fees. Although we have three flat rates ($300, $400, and $500), our $300 flat rate applies to most cases, regardless of the type or severity of the data loss. We have no hidden diagnostic fees or charges for canceled recoveries.

Clear Pricing – No Tricks, No Surprises

As for our pricing, we are transparent and upfront about our fees. Although we have three flat rates ($300, $400, and $500), our $300 flat rate applies to most cases, regardless of the type or severity of the data loss.

Our competitors claim we “lure” customers in with our low prices. This implies we “bait-and-switch” or charge a diagnostic fee. Neither is true. All our prices and potential fees are fully detailed on our Rate page. We have no diagnostic fee. If your data is not recoverable, there is no charge. If it turns out your hard drive requires a donor drive before any data can be recovered, but the cost is too expensive, you can cancel the recovery for no charge

We believe in being honest and straightforward with our customers, which is why we have gained a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable data recovery company. We have more 5-star reviews than any other data recovery company.

Yelp reviews as of March 3, 2023

$300 Data Recovery is a trustworthy and reliable company that offers affordable data recovery services.

In summary, $300 Data Recovery is a trustworthy and reliable company offering affordable services. Despite false claims made by competitors, we do not trick customers into thinking the cost is cheaper than it is. Our experienced technicians use the best data recovery tools and have the expertise to handle even the most complex data recovery cases. With our “no data, no charge” guarantee, customers can trust that they will only pay for successful data recovery. Don’t be fooled by misleading advertising tactics from our competitors; choose $300 Data Recovery to recover your data for the most affordable rates in the industry!

cleanroom hard drive data recovery and microscope

One of $300 Data Recovery’s ISO 100 Class 5 cleanrooms.


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