Hard Drive Destruction Services

If you need to be 100% certain that the data on your hard drive will never be accessed again, you need our hard drive destruction service!

For only $25, we will physically bend (or break) your drive in half so the data on your drive will NEVER be accessed again. 

Hard drive destruction photos - broken hard drives, destroyed hard drives

We do this using a tool called Pure Leverage. After the drive has been physically bent in half or broken in half, the platters inside will be irreversibly destroyed. The platters inside the drive’s shell are where all your data is stored.  

We can perform this service in-person while you watch, or we can send you a video of the destruction process if requested. 

Watch our hard drive destruction in action…


Ready to get started?

First, submit our Hard Drive Destruction Form. Then bring your drive(s) to our shop if you’re in Los Angeles. Or, simply box up and ship all your drives to us with a note with specifying you need the drives destroyed (and we’ll match your name to the name on your submitted Hard Drive Destruction Form). You can find our shipping address here.

Question about our hard drive destruction services? 

Live chat available 24×7. Call 323-230-0622. Send .

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